Fast Browser Cleaner PRO 2.0 + Crack Full Download

Fast Browser Cleaner PRO 2.0:Fast Browser Cleaner is a utility to clean unwanted toolbar, addons, extensions. It helps you to clean cookies, history and temporary files which are stored by websites you visited and occupy a lot of disk space. You can also remove unprotected passwords and credit card information stored by the browser which you used to login to some website or make payment.

Clean Temporary Files
Remove temporary files which are stored by websites.
Temporary files may occupy a large amount of disk space.
Remove History
Remove history which is maintained by browsers.
History contains a list of websites visited by you.
Remove Cookies
Clean all cookies created by websites which you visited.
Change Home Page and Tab Page
Set / reset home page and tab page of browser with Fast Browser Cleaner.
Change Search Engine
You can remove unwanted search engines from browser.
You can also set / reset default search engine used by the browser.
PRO Features:

Remove Adware
You can clean adware like MyStartSearch, Wazam, HealthAlert, ReleventKnowledge,
SweetIm, Babylon, Most of the toolbars of conduit, GameDesktop etc.
Remove Passwords
Remove unprotected login details (user name, passwords, etc) stored in browser.
Remove Credit Card Information
Remove Credit Card details stored by browser.
Manage Addons
You can remove unwanted toolbar, addons, extensions
You can send mail for support download videos.

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