Hetman Excel Recovery 2.4 + Crack Full Download

Hetman Excel Recovery 2.4: Hetman Excel Recovery combines a set of highly sophisticated data recovery algorithms with an intuitive, fully guided user interface. The tool is driven with a step by step wizard, enabling anyone to achieve the same high-quality recovery results as a professional recovery lab.

Hetman Excel Recovery is a dedicated spreadsheet recovery tool. The refined data recovery engine now performs an automated pre-recovery check on any Excel files discovered during the disk scan, ensuring that only 100% working, non-corrupted spreadsheets make it onto the recovery list.

Recovers Deleted Spreadsheets

Deleted a bunch of Excel spreadsheets or cleared the Recycle Bin? That happens every day with thousands of users. Hetman Excel Recovery can help you get those files back quickly and easily. Just launch the three-step Recovery Wizard, specify the disk you deleted the files from and choose “Quick” recovery mode. Hetman Excel Recovery will scan the disk, returning you the list of recently deleted spreadsheets in less than a minute.

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