Hetman Office Recovery 2.4 + Crack Full Download

Hetman Office Recovery 2.4: Hetman Office Recovery is designed to help when your office documents go missing. Implementing a range of highly sophisticated low-level disk analysis algorithms, Hetman Office Recovery can retrieve the missing documents even if the disk is corrupted, inaccessible, or does not appear as a drive letter. A special extra-safe recovery more is available for heavily worn and physically unstable devices.

Hetman Office Recovery features a true heavy-duty data recovery engine. The very same engine is used in Hetman’s top of the line partition recovery tool used by system administrators, service centers and data recovery specialists. Thanks to this powerful engine, Hetman Office Recovery can easily recover documents other tools won’t.

Recovers Deleted Documents
The very existence of Windows Recycle Bin makes users much more lax about using the Delete button. After all, one can always undo the delete, right? Wrong! In many situations, a file is deleted directly and bypassing the Recycle Bin. No free disk space, cleared Recycle Bin or the use of Shift + Delete remove the file permanently from the disk. Or so it seems. Hetman Office Recovery can undo the deletion even if the file has been deleted directly and bypassing the Recycle Bin. Act soon to increase your chances of successful recovery!

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