[Latest] Top Rated VPN Service in Pakistan

Countries with implemented Internet restrictions

Every traveller often experiences difficulties with Internet connection and access to favourite websites while abroad. Many countries are providing strict online censorship for political or religious reasons and, thus, control population. List of the most notorious countries for monitoring and controlling measures consists of China, Cuba, Iran, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Vietnam, Syria and Pakistan. Most of them are against social media, streaming websites, and restrict access to blogs or political content. Such measures may be reasonable in case of restricting access to child pornography or other illegal activities but not regarding social content.

Evading geo-restriction and enjoying Netflix or Spotify in every part of the world is possible with the help of VPN provider. Countries like Pakistan prohibit access to such websites as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, certain Flickr and Wikipedia pages as well as to adult web content available online, but the right VPN Pakistan service allows avoiding strict Pakistani Telecommunication Authority’s restrictions and accessing social media and other blocked materials.

Today, the quality of Internet services has significantly improved in Pakistan but the coverage and speed are still rather poor. The average Internet speed in this country has increased by over 100% in the past few years, but the Pakistan is still considered to be one of the least connected countries with India and China being at the top of this list. Nevertheless, anyone who plans a trip should ensure their anonymity and find reliable VPN providers to guaranty personal online safety and keep web history a secret.

Top rated VPN services to evade strict regimes

VPN users using high quality services have a chance to enjoy unrestricted access to any web content from any place and at any time. Moreover, they have strong Internet connection, a chance to switch servers and change IP address, preserve online activity in secret, safely use public Wi-Fi and work remotely.

Security and privacy – this is what we are hoping to find when looking for appropriate VPN service. Best providers that are fully qualified to ensure solid protection for web browsing in Pakistan include:

  1. NordVPN service that is well-known due to its strict no logs policy and double data encryption. It allows users to use public Wi-Fi safely and enjoy online shopping, banking, sharing files with co-workers and work remotely connecting to corporate network. Unrestricted web access allows visiting blocked websites, bypass geo restrictions along with online censorship provided by mentioned above countries. Hulu, Netflix, Spotify are available now from any place in the world.
  2. ExpressVPN offers impressive speed, amazing security level and much more. This provider guarantees encrypted data transfer and allows hiding and switching IP address from hackers and snoopers. Service uses 256-bit encryption and provides unlimited bandwidth – strong and fast connection allows watching movies or shows in HD.

Today, VPN services are essential as technological development never stops, and we all require the trusted means of
protection of online activity.


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