PHOTORECOVERY Professional 2017 5.1 + Crack Full Download

PHOTORECOVERY Professional 2017 5.1:Recovers “once in a lifetime” moments thought to be lost forever! PHOTORECOVERY® 2017 recovery software is designed to recover digital images, movies and
sound files from all types of digital media. It is the #1 data recovery software for Memory Stick™s, SmartMedia, CompactFlash I & II, Micro Drives, SD/XD
cards, MMC, USB flash drives and most other forms of digital media. Simply attach the media to your computer (a card reader is recommended) and run
PHOTORECOVERY® 2017. The pictures are automatically saved off to another location.

Professional Features: All the great features of PHOTORECOVERY® 2017 Standard plus:

Compatible with all camera formats – Digital Backs to Point-and-Shoot models
Includes Digital Media Doctor for Performance Testing and Media Restoration
Quickly Backup, Wipe, Format, and Restore your used Digital Memory Cards to “like new” Performance
Know when to replace your memory cards – before its too late!


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